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CreativePublic’s YouTube Channel

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Hey Folks,

I wanted to send out an update about CreativePublic’s YouTube Channel. I am planning on adding new content over the next month with new videos. From this point forward, all video related content will be published on my YouTube channel. 

The purpose of reviving this channel is to help bring education on design business to a wider audience and being able to start a conversation with my site members. This will be a great platform for all of us to engage about design business, including how to price your projects to selling your design services and more.

Subscribe to the CreativePublic YouTube Channel:

Thanks for your support. I look forward to starting a conversation and providing great training content.

Jason Vaughn

4 great reasons to raise your freelancing rate today

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Find out why raising your freelancing rate could mean not just more money, but also, better clients.

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New MIT Code Makes Web Pages Load 34 Percent Faster in Any Browser

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Internet connections get faster but websites get more complex—and that means we often still have to wait an age for pages to load. Now, a new technique from MIT that helps browsers gather files more efficiently could change that.

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Help Nepal

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For those of you interested in helping the earthquake victims of Nepal, please use this link below. This is a friend of mine that is trustworthy and has worked for my business Art Space & CreativePublic before:

What Kind of Logo Do You Get for $5?

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An epic tale of deception, stolen artwork, and crappy logos …

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 4.51.27 PM

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Worst Client Comments Turned Into Posters

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Frustrated by stupid client criticism, Irish graphic designers Mark Shanley and Paddy Treacy decided to turn their “favorite worst feedback” into posters.

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Craig’s List Response from a Wedding Photographer

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This is a great read about a wedding photographer’s response to a woman’s ad on Craig’s list wanting a cheap photographer. She just could not understand how a photographer could charge so much.

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CreativePublic Pricing Changes

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CreativePublic pricing will be changing soon to only the $49 lifetime membership, we will no longer offer the yearly membership starting soon. Join now and save before pricing changes!

A redesign of our site is also in the new future as well as new content and videos.

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Design News and Cool Stuff

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Recession wanes, but artists still starving
This is a very good article on how designers are effected by the recession.

As the country has battled the Great Recession, we’ve been inundated with reports of corporate layoffs and manufacturing jobs vanishing. But there’s another group of American workers that has been particularly hard hit — the creative class.

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Cool website using some complex CSS. Yes it is a holiday promo site, but still cool even after the holidays!

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2012 The Year Of Rebranding & Logo Changes
Interesting bog article about the latest logo changes for some big brands.

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Inspired by a Portrait of a Young Woman

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If you can, treat yourself and plan a “museum getaway” where you can visit a number of museums at once. It’s a great way to re-charge your visual “batteries” and give you a solid dose of (often unexpected) inspiration.

Yeah, I realize the title sounds a little, well, crude but that’s not what this tip is about.

I am off for a mini-vaction (with my wife Cathy and the oldest) in NYC for a few days and plan to visit a number of museums, including the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art (and anything else I can fit in).

I went to grad school in Brooklyn (and lived there for 5 years) so I still know my way around the city pretty good.

The first stop will be the Met, where I always love to visit the “Portrait of a Young Woman” by Vermeer.

I could look at this painting for hours on end (and used to). It just has that magical hold on me somehow. It is so filled with artistry and wonder that I am continually inspired when looking at it.

It’s fun to imagine what Vermeer was thinking when creating this masterpiece.

Johannes Vermeer - Portrait of a Young Woman - WGA24672

But, I love all sorts of painting, particularly “modern art.” Some of my favorites include Diebenkorn, DeKooning, Jasper Johns, Ed Ruscha and Hockney among many others.

Visiting museums has always been a passion of mine and where I can allow all sorts of visual styles to inspire me. Sometimes this happens consciously but most often subconsciously, where the ideas and forms will bubble up later and somehow find themselves appearing in your designs.

So, if you have the time, I encourage you to plan your own inspirational museum getaways. For, when you least expect it, inspiration is right around the corner.

– by Doug Farrick

PS: It is also a good idea to bring your sketch book (and of course, your camera) where you can take some notes on the spot or soon thereafter (or just collect some visual “debris” for your visual notebook.)