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As a web designer you need to constantly stock up on fonts, logos, stock photography, graphics etc., and you need to rely on tools to get your work done efficiently and successfully. Here is a list of the top 100 web design resources to help you as a web designer stay on top of your game. This list of 100 web design tools range from the best color palettes, logos and finding the right visual assets, to choosing the perfect typography.

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FREE – Lectures on Digital Photography

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How cameras work and how to take good pictures using them. Instructor: Marc Levoy

Course description

An introduction to the scientific, artistic, and computing aspects of digital photography. Topics include lenses and optics, light and sensors, optical effects in nature, perspective and depth of field, sampling and noise, the camera as a computing platform, image processing and editing, and computational photography. We will also survey the history of photography, look at the work of famous photographers, and talk about composing strong photographs.

This course is based on CS 178 (Digital Photography), which I taught at Stanford from 2009 through 2014. I revised and taught the course again at Google in Spring of 2016, and these web pages are from the Google version. The course consists of 18 lectures. The topics, with dates, are given in the course schedule. The lectures were delivered live on Google’s Mountain View campus, broadcast live to Google offices around the world, and recorded for later playback.  The videos linked into these web pages are from those recordings, edited slightly to remove discussion of Google internal projects. Keynote slides from these lectures were converted to PDF files and linked into the schedule after each lecture.

I am making these materials freely available, but some of the photographs included in the lectures are individually copyrighted. It should be fine for teachers to re-use this material under fair use, but other uses may be protected. If you re-use the material in substantially the same form it is given here, I would appreciate an acknowledgement.

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Ecommerce product photography tips: a beginner’s guide

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Find out how to capture gorgeous product photos for your ecommerce websites without spending a lot of money.

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First Site Guide – Free Website Resource

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First Site Guide can help you start a personal or business blog/site, a place to show your hobbies, offer advice to others or just to share personal stories, pictures and videos. They want you to be a part of the web, and they can help you to get there with their useful resources and easy to follow step-by-step free guides.

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Six Essential Cheat Sheets for Web Work

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The evolution of web development has been accompanied by a wealth of documentation. Yet, this virtual smorgasbord of fonts, developer languages, and methodologies (to name a few) can be overwhelming. Here are six essential cheat sheets that will make your life easier when developing your next website.

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80+ Free Web Design Resources

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Unlock your design potentials with these free design resources that will surely enable you to achieve a web design that is not only visually appealing but user-friendly, too.

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Digital Juice offers Lifetime Membership!

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38 Web design tips for 2015 revealed by 38 website design experts

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This is a great list of tips from top web design experts

“In this roundup about web design tips, we want to help out all the web designers and anyone who has an interest in web design. The web design tips in this roundup are both for web designers with years of experience and for web designers who’re just starting with web design.”

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Digital Juice – Stock Resource

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It’s like Netflix for creative content!

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Dollar Photo Club – High Quality Stock Images for $1

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Checkout dollar photo, nice pics for a low price! Pic choice was way better than I expected!

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