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Cheap Design Companies Suck!

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Cheap logo companies devalue professional graphic design services. They offer logos as low as $100 with unlimited revisions. That comes out to about $5 per hour that you would make on a logo if you spent 20 hours on the project for a small local business. I can tell you the last time I made $5 an hour was back in 1990. Here are some links on this subject:

Why logo design does not cost $5.00

Why Logos Should Cost More Than $300 Rip-Offs

Your logo makes me barf

Any design project takes time. There are several steps to take when creating a logo or a Web site.

These same companies that offer cheap logos also offer cheap Web site design services. The same problems noted above on the links I have provided are the same for Web design. Many of the designs are templates, nothing really custom and probably stolen from ligament designers or businesses. How else could or other cheap logo sites offer design services for so freaking cheap?

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This is a fun site – Web pages that suck!

With that said, I have a client who recently came to my business asking me to estimate on a shopping cart site. She was having a terrible time trying to figure out these Web site design tools that sold her and told her how easy it was to design her own shopping cart site for cheap. Well, first off, that is just bad business selling a customer who knows nothing about ecommerce and telling them how easy it is to setup their own shopping cart!

She gave up on Godaddy and came by my office. I gave her an estimate of $7,000 which she was quite surprised how expensive it was. I explained that there is lots and lots of time involved, which included: meetings, the design process, training to use the shopping cart, training on how to update site content, helping setup inventory and inventory tracking, plugging the shopping cart into Quickbooks accounting program, help with getting a merchant account, secure certificate setup, hosting setup, image cropping and color correction, and so much more. or any cheap Web site design company will not help you with this and if they do, there will be costs involved and not on the cheap. 

You see, these cheap companies draw in the client who does not know better and has not done their research. These cheap companies target these folks saying they will make their life better, “just buy from us and we will get you a great logo and Web site for cheap”. Then, you know what happens? The client realizes how screwed they got and did not get what they thought they were paying for. If they would have gone to a professional designer in the first place, this would not have happened.

Keep in mind, it is all about educating your customers. Tell your customers about logoworks and how they conduct business, tell your clients it is not as easy as makes it sound to setup a shopping cart site. If they decide not to do business with you, then it is their loss. More than likely, if they did not do business with you and preferred to go to logoworks for their project, you are better off not having that person as a customer. The cheap customer is always the most trouble for a business!

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